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Mini Builds 


Jawa Hand Torch (Welder)

3-D Printed PLA via Straeker on Thingiverse

Custom text stickers


ANH E-11 Blaster

Doopy Doos Resin Kit

Vintage Sterling folding stock & end sight

TRamp BlastFX and Scope electronics

British P-1903 Leather Five Pocket Bandolier

Officially designated as "Bandoliers for Mounted Infantry" . British Pattern 1903 five pocket bandoleer intended to carry 10 clips each of 5 rounds, two to a pocket. Used prominently in WWI and WWII


Swiss Schmidt Rubin 1911 K31 Bandolier

Designed to carry stripper cliped ammunition for the 1889, 1911 and K31 service rifles. This will easily carry 72 rounds of 7.5 Swiss ammunition on stripper clips.


Jawa Ion Blaster

ID-X0 Seeker Droid