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Husband and Wife team of droid builders, stuff makers and toy photographers based in the Mojave Desert, California!


Collaboratively as Desert Scum, Krank & Ardy Jo share and document build progress (and non-progress), toy photography, home DIY, adventures and events via our various social media accounts and website. Members of the MSE/BB8/R2 Builders Clubs. You will find images and video of other builders and volunteers at the various events we attend. We will try and tag everyone and invite you to visit their websites or social media accounts which are outlined on the BUILD IT webpage.


We started as just DIYers, making home improvement and crafts. Our love for creativity and Star Wars bled over into a non-stop building frenzy after being introduced to the R2 Builders Club in 2015. 


We are absolutely in love with the building and volunteering community! We have built a full-size Astromech Droid (RD-2D), 2 MSE Droids, BB-8E, and SH-OC so far and met many, many awesome people ! It has been an absolute privilege being to hang out with such awesome people who like to dress up and/or share their builds with the community and just make people smile all day! 

We hope to inspire everyone to take advantage of the building community and do some building of your own! --- check out the Build It page! 

You may run into us at various comic conventions or fundraisers occurring from California to Las Vegas, give us a shout if you see us! 

Hit us up if you have a local event or a booth at any of the upcoming events and we will stop by and say hi! Always appreciate a place to charge the droids!


Event requests involving costuming groups will be referred to one of the groups Appearance Request Forms . See the REQUEST APPEARANCE buttons on the BUILD IT webpage for Southern California USA requests.

We can support coordinating droid appearances for fundraising events.

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Desert Scum's website content and related multimedia projects/vlogs are intended to document their builds, experiences and adventures together in an effort to educate and inspire creativity and positivity.

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