also known as a Hand Torch, Brazing Torch, Hand Welder, Miniature Welder

The prop used in the movie appears to be a un-altered Microflame Torch.

As seen in Star Wars: A New Hope 1977

  • Used to weld the Restraining Bolt onto R2-D2 by a Jawa just before R2 is sucked up into the Sandcrawler.

  • Used by Luke Skywalker in Obi-Wans hutt when making repairs on C3-P0- after the Tusken Raider fiasco

  • Micro gas cylinder used as part of Han Solos belt

This web page is a culmination of my research regarding the screen-used hand torch in Star Wars: A New Hope. Be advised the content here-in is based on my own research and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

This research adventure started because I 3-D printed a torch I found online for my Jawa prop/costume and wanted to make accurate text for it because I didn’t like the way it looked without it. I really didn’t think it looked like a Model-B torch as I saw identified in other places so identifying the model led me into a rabbit-hole and I eventually just did as much research as I could on it. Don’t judge me lol


Gold metal Microflame Torch. Without “Model B” markings, narrows it down to 2 models. The timeline is also off for Model B torches from my research, as it’s first appearance is in the 1983 RadioShack catalog.

Microflame Miniature Gas Torch Standard/Unmarked Model VS Model B


Standard Model 1974-1976

Microflame Torch 1974-1976

Purchased an actual Vintage Micro Welder based on my guess of the model

Microflame Torch 1974-1976

Reference Pictures Found Online

Microflame Torch 1974-1976 Replica Build Photos

STL Files Rescaled for accuracy:

  • Top & Bottom frame scaled to 84%

  • Gas Canister scaled to 92 %

  • Canister cups scaled to 90%

  • Top Knobs scaled to 90%

  • Bottom Wheels scaled to 84%

  • Welder Arm & Tip scaled to 84%

  • Top Welder Arm Knob 84%

Microflame Torch 1974-1976 Details Summary

As seen in Star Wars: A New Hope

Be Advised: The following determination is based on my own personal research for costuming/fan purposes, which may or may not be correctly identified :)

  • BRAND: Microflame Torch

  • MODEL/VERSION: Standard/Unknown Labeled 4400 on a kit box

  • PART/ITEM #: 1000 (from box)

  • MANUFACTURE YEAR: 1974-1976 (RadioShack catalog)


    • Front

      • MICROFLAME TORCH Minneapolis Minnesota U.S. Pat. No 3,246,849

      • Raised Text at bottom: ROTATE THUMBSCREWS TO CLAMP GAS CYLINDERS with arrow pointing left

    • Back

      • Raised Text at bottom: ROTATE THUMBSCREWS TO CLAMP GAS CYLINDERS with arrow pointing left

    • Top

      • Knobs

        • Red Knob at right with white text- “OPEN BUTANE” with curved arrow

        • Green Knob at left with white text- “OPEN MICRONOX” with curved arrow

    • Sides

      • No markings

      • Gap separating front piece from back piece

      • Left side has 2 small holes near top

    • Bottom

      • No markings

      • 2 holes for canister adjuster screws to extend through


Canister text version determination based on what might have been sold at the time of the model of Torch


  • Red Text:

    • Contains Butane

    • Flameable

    • Keep Away From Heat

    • Micro Flame Inc.

    • Solid red line

      alternate canister text has “Made in Japan” below red line and “MICROFLAME” as one word


  • Green Text:

    • Contains Micronox

    • Keep Away From Heat

    • Micro Flame Inc.

    • Solid green line

  • Alternate canisters are solid silver ( no text)

  • Alternate canister larger green text, no line & alternate wording of


    • D A N G E R

    • _____ NOT HEAD OVER

    • ___ F. FOR USE IN


    • ONLY! 09088

Microflame Torch Research

A collection of similar torches available 1970s & 1980s


Microflame Inc. History

Real World Application

These models took a butane cylinder and a “Micronox” cylinder aka compressed nitrous oxide to heat up to 5000 F pinpoint flame.


June 28, 1962 - US3246849A

The Miniature torch patent US 3246849A April 14, 1966 by Leonard E. Laske of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Microflame Inc.

United States Word Trade Mark

  • Azure Moon Trading Corp. 05/24/1963 (Application) 06-14-1966 (Registration) - small gas torches - Heating, lighting and ventilating apparatus

    • Serial #72169654

    • 20 Commerce Park Northsuite 101, Bedford, NH 03110

    • Andrew S. Ehard, Merchant & Gould P.C., P.O. Box 2910 Minneapolis, MN 55402-0910

RadioShack a Tandy Corporation Company

Archer was a Trademark of the Tandy Corporation Fort Worth Texas and owners of Radio Shack January 4, 1979

Microflame & Archer Torch Research

Microflame Torch (arched text)

  • Radio Shack [RS] 1972-1973

    • Torch Item # 64-2165

    • Butane Cylinder Item # 64-2166

    • Oxygen Cylinder Item # 64-6167

Microflame Torch (standard/unmarked)

  • Radio Shack [RS] 1974-1976

    • Torch Item # 64-2165

    • Butane Cylinder Item # 64-2166

    • Micronox Cylinder Item # 64-6167

  • Packing Images

    • Kit Box: Microflame Gas Torch 4400

    • Small Box: Model 1000

Archer Torch [RS]

  • Radio Shack [RS] 1977-1982

    • Same item #s as above

Archer Torch Model-B

  • Radio Shack 1983-1988, 1990-1999 [RS]

  • Same item #s as above

  • Packing Images

    • Booklet: #89 4-83 Rev. B

NewScientist Magazine 1956 - Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, U.S.A., Malaysia

New Scientist Ltd. United Kingdom

  • Microflame (curved text) 7/26/1979

  • Microflame Miniature Torch Standard/Unmarked February, April., August, October 1981

RadioShack & Tandy Corp

  • A Tandy Corporation Company 1919

  • RadioShack Corporation 1921

  • Tandy Corp. purchased part of bankrupt Radio Shack in 1962

  • Acquired by UK Kensignton Capital Holdings in 2017 via bankruptcy

  • RadioShack bought back Tandy brand 2017

  • RadioShack partnered with HobbyTown USA to open 100 “express” stores

UPC Information

UPC Lookup Database

UPC-A: 0 32092 04400 6

EAN-13: 0 032092 044006

  1. Microflame Gas Welding Torch Kit 4400 - Vintage

  2. Vintage Microflame 4400 Butane Gas Welding Torch Kit





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