monster mse DROIDS.png

1/10 scale Monster MSE Droids & accessories

Tatooine Romper MSE


Inferno transparent.png

Monster Inferno MSE Build Pix

Monster Inferno MSE Droid aka El Raton

1st version of the MONSTER MSE droid

  • 1/10 Traxxas Stampede 2WD Brushed Chassis

  • 3/4 custom styrene/PLA shell

  • PLA panels, top racks

  • Marcduino / R2Touch 2.4 gHz audio system on 5v power bank

  • LED lights

  • LED audio enabled light strip

  • EVA Foam bumper and tire spikes


Monster Wampa MSE

wampa transparent.png
Monster Wampa MSE Pic.png

Monster Wampa MSE Build Pix

Monster Wampa MSE Droid

  • 3/4 scale foam board top shell

  • Custom fur shell cover

  • Adafruit Snake Eyes Bonnet OLED animated eyes

  • Rasberry Pi 3+

  • Fits on 1/10 scale Stampede Chassis

Echo Base (Hoth) Trooper Transport MSE Wagon

  • Foam board

Marcduino Sound System


Visit website for additional details on the system

Parts listed in main Build Log for this build- see for additional resources

Marcduino v1.5 PCB Version 2 Software used to wirelessly trigger servo, sound, light via WiFi & R2 Touch app. in lieu of Bluetooth since it is unreliable in high traffic areas. 2.4 gHZ. Around $145 to build. For my purposes, I am only implementing 1 Master board and not the full system as designed for R2-D2.

Marcduino Automation Boards

Marcduino 1.5 version 2 software system is designed to control animations of an R2 Astromech Droid(dome panels, teeces lights, holo projectors and sound etc.) The R2 Touch app. is used to trigger sounds/lights etc. via your phone.

MSE Droid- Full Scale