Arcade Expo 5.0 [T37]


Saturday March 16, 2018

Arcade Expo 5.0

Scum was overjoyed to be able to return to the magnificent Museum of Pinball !! Such an amazing place for video game & pinball lovers. The concept of all-day free play of over 1000+ games is still something we are getting used to. At $55 dollars a day it is well worth it if you put your time in. The museum also has on-site food selections such as fresh cheeseburgers, fries, mini pizza, tots etc. and inside a beer garden for your beer & mixed drinks with . There was a swap meet on the side of the building, which we missed, and various vendors selling pins, patches etc. outside. The theater had a schedule of presentations and documentaries showing throughout the day. Also occurring throughout the weekend was KongOff7, which included scheduled high-score battles and head to head single elimination battles!


We had the pleasure of hanging out with the Time Machine from Back to the Future thanks to 1.21GigagWattGuys over on Facebook and Johnny 5 from Short Circuit thanks to HeyJohnny5 on Facebook! You can contact the 1.21 Giga Watt Guys for their next event or to maybe schedule them for yours! Love hanging out with these iconic figures and their owners!

We also met Billy Mitchell and got some pix with him and the droids. Billy is a well high score holder and competitor for games like Donkey Kong Jr., Mrs. Pacman, BurgerTime and Centipede and was participating in the KongOff.

The Arcade Expo had a much higher attendance than Pinball Madness last fall. The parking lot and entire street block was full! You will have to wait in line a bit for certain games or machines.

Huge shoutout to all the volunteer technicians that participate in the events.


If you attend one of the events at the Museum of Pinball dress accordingly. I know Southern California weather can be a bit unpredictable in the Spring, so layers is suggested. The Pinball and Arcade areas can get a bit stuffy no matter the weather outside and outside can get chilly. You can access your car and re-enter the event as long as you have your wristband so you can store water & clothes if need be.

If you are going to buy food or drink at the event, be sure to get in the right line. You have to purchase tickets to redeem food and drink. The bar takes cash/card.

Scum Muster

RD-2D & Monster Inferno MSE

No incidents to report other than the MSE doing a flippy and damaging its new paint job.