87th Annual Barstow Mardi Gras Parade [T46]

87th Annual Barstow Mardi Gras Parade

Facebook Event

October 26, 2019

Barstow, CA 92311

Event Host: Kiwanis Club

Club Host: 501st Legion

Parade Theme: The Wonders of Barstow

501st Legions, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Saber Guild and Droid Builders supporting the parade.

Scum Muster:

  • Krank Droid TBD

  • Ardy Jo Commander Iden Versio [T1] and Monster Inferno MSE

R2LA 16


Annual Southern California Droid Party

Scums 3rd annual droid party. Biggest one yet this year with a great variety of droids! Mingled with some awesome people.

Feel free to share/download pictures.

Scum Muster:

Krank & Ardy

  • S1-10C- busted front foot on curb

  • Monster Inferno MSE “EL Raton” with battle protection- side panels warped in heat

  • Star Tours Speeder 3000 Beer Transport (debut)

  • Captain Rex RX-24 (debut)- just finished night before neck lift needs work

Jethawks Star Wars Night [T42]

Star Wars Night

Lancaster Jethawks VS Inland Empire 66ers

Public Event with ticket

June 15, 2019

Donation to: Jacob Hefter Foundation

Star Wars Weekend June 14 & June 15

Scum will be tagging along with the host Mandalorian Mercs for Star Wars Nights supporting the Jacob Hefter Foundation this year.

“The mission of the Jacob Hefter Foundation is to provide assistance to young adults in their pursuit of higher education, who have displayed characteristics of leadership, integrity, and ambition, while at the same time maintaining a clear focus towards their goals, as well as supporting the community and raising awareness regarding positive choices and promoting healthy lifestyles, and emphasizing the important practice of safe driving.”

We are very happy to be a part of this event and hope it generates a nice sum of donations!


Event Summary

Scum droids joined some 501st members and Mandalorian Mercs Saturday for Star Wars Night in support of the Jacob Hefter Foundation. Monster MSE went down onto the field for the anthem and after the 1st 3 outs ran down the 1st based line to pump up the crowd ! We were happy to see some familiar fan faces and meet new ones as we roamed around the crowd and entertained the kiddies. Perfect day for baseball!

Scum Muster

  • RD-2D & Krank

  • Monster MSE & Ardy Jo

STAR WARS DAY 2019 [T41]

STAR WARS DAY 2019 at Victoria Garden



Free Public Event


SATURDAY MAY 25, 2019 12-5PM

Going to be a big event the Droid Builders and sister clubs Rebel Legion, 501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Saber Guild and Road Squadron! Check out their website and social media information over on the BUILD IT webpage.

Additional Event Media:

Star Wars Day 2019 aka Star Wars Reads Paul A. Biane Library/ Victoria Gardens Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA May 25, 2019 Parade: 00:00 - 01:52 Video of some of the fun at Star Wars Day 2019 provided by Desert Scum footage, which represent a very small portion of the day!

Scum Pix:

Some pictures from the event below!

Scum Report:

It was a grand day out Saturday at Victoria Gardens! The Droid Builders were most pleased to attend with extended invite through the Rebel Legion Sunrider Base! We had 3 droids from the lovely Bakersfield Droid Builders (Will, Brian & Jackie) show along with 2 Scum droids and B1-H1 and his lil MSE buddy! We were able to be ready in time for the procession this year ! Event kicks off with the character procession through the gardens and into the library to get everyone excited for the day! Droid Builders brought up the rear and closed the procession in style.

The event was lively and full of activities for the kiddies a live cover band and plenty of photo opportunities with all of the many awesome characters that came out to play. The Rebel Legion & 501st Legion had an awesome Endor backdrop complete with Endor bunker and full size speeder bike ! Was a warm lovely Southern California day and the snow cones hit the spot! The Droid Builders got to meet and take a quick picture with Daniel Logan who played young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones! among many other things.

A day full of Star Wars smiles !

Hope to see you next year!

Scum Muster:

  • RD-2D & Krank

    • RD-2D mooned the crowd twice with the rock road knocking the back panel off

  • Monster Inferno MSE & Ardy Jo

    • Monster MSE made it all day without re-charge on the 10000 mAh battery !


If you are interested in joining any of the super amazing costuming clubs, (501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Saber Guild, Droid Builders) head over to the Build It page to find social media and website information to help you out ! The costuming clubs have basic standards to follow for approval . The Droid Builders have guidelines but not official requirements for joining.

From the Hosts:

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of crafts, games, character procession, Darth Vader storytime, music, and some very special guests!

Character Procession (starts at Kew Ave./North Mainstreet East)

Featured Guests and Performers

Danial Logan


John Cloughery (magician)

Jimmy Purcell (artist)

Robert Zailo (artist)


Star Force Band

Inland Empire Cantina Band



Bank of America Courtyard Main Stage

Character Procession (starts at Kew Ave./North Mainstreet East)

Opening Ceremony (with Master of Ceremonies Obi-Shawn)

Darth Vader Storytime

Mad Science

Star Wars Costume Showcase (Public participation, sign-ups begin at 1 p.m. in Courtyard)

Closing ceremonies featuring Inland Empire Cantina Band

Chaffey Town Square


Star Force Band

Victoria Gardens Cultural Center—Celebration Hall

Light Saber Guild Demonstration

Victoria Gardens Cultural Center—Rehearsal Hall

Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past Fan-Film Panel Discussion

Star Wars Holiday Special Panel Discussion

Lewis Family Playhouse Lobby

California Vintage Star Wars Collectors’ Club



Bank of America Courtyard

Rebel Legion

501st Legion

Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club

Saber Guild

Star Wars Day Info Booth

Friends of the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library

North Mainstreet East

Galactic Art Studio: Star Wars Artists Demonstrations by Robert Zailo and Jimmy Purcell

4 Color Fantasies Comics/Collectibles

Star Wars Origami Art with Chris Alexander

Mad Science

Star Wars 20 Podcast

Booma Ball Toss

Rancho Cucamonga Library Foundation

North Mainstreet West


Creative Brain Learning

Planetary Society

Jedi Archivist presented by Cosplay for Science

Galactic City Crafts: Yoda Ears and Amidala Headbands

Watto’s Droid Shop

Kamino Manufacturing Plant

Rancho Cucamonga Public Library Bookmobile

Paul A. Biane Library — Displays

501st Legion Rebel Legion Prop Display — Storytheater

Star Wars Collectibles Display — Library MainStreet


Comic Con Revolution Ontario [T40]

Comic Con Revolution Ontario

Saturday May 18, 2019

Public Event with ticket

Scum Droids will be roaming around supporting the local comic scene!

Scum Muster:

  • RD-2D & Krank

  • Monster Inferno MSE & ArdyJo

    Event Video Coming Soon


This was Scums first attendance of Comic Con Revolution Ontario! We will be back! Such a great smaller sized con. We were able to interact with everyone in smaller groups and it was just chill and fun! We ran into our buddies Mandalorian Mercs and Saberguild and got to hang out a bit. The event center was clean and had easy access to some yummy food trucks parked outside.

The Transformer voice guy was there doing pix and autographs. haha not a big transformer fan I guess… I didn’t have cable when that toon was on…

A highlight was meeting Colin Cantwell and getting his signature on his deathstar concept model. Also got a pic with him and chatted a little. Very nice gentleman! He seemed to get a kick out of the droids :) Mr. Cantwell was one of the first George Lucas got to work on “The Star Wars” back in the day. He designed many ships and prototype models via “kitbashing.” A really awesome technique an one that gives Star Wars that unique look. Taking random pieces and putting it together to make a different piece. So cool. It was hard picking a photo for him to sign, ultimately I went with the DeathStar :) Great story behind it too. One that we can all relate to as builders. Apparently he purchased a styrene sphere to model put the 2 pieces of it didn’t line up right and would take a lot of work to adjust it and make it look like a perfect circle. Mr. Cantwell suggest to George to have the trench run along the middle of it to avoid all that work. George agreed to it after thinking it over and thus the birth of the deathstar trench ! other ships of his design was the YWing, Tie figher, star destroyer, land speeder, sandcrawler and millennium falcon. Always a pleasure meeting anyone working on or has worked on the movies.

Cosplays of the day were Joe Dirt and his meteorite, little poison ivy, baby Han Solo with remote control millenium falcon and TV head!

There was a nice presence of star cars as well! The batmobile was AMAZING ! !

We also had fun with Zany Jr! Instagram & Facebook. She does fun con videos involving cosplayers. We preteneded like Krank drove the MSE droid with gopro camera into the womens bathroom and I came out all mad with the droid haha it was ridiculous and awesome! Give her a follow !

Colin Cantwell Social Media:




Costume Club Info:

Check out the Build It page for links to the Mandalorian Merc & Saber Guild resources !

Comic Con Revolution 2019 Pictures


Star Wars Extravaganza [T39]

Star Wars Extravaganza

Public Event

Saturday May 4, 2019

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Barstow Branch Library

Star Wars storytime and crafts and face painter to celebrate May the Fourth Be With You!

Costumer(s) and droids will be there to help celebrate the event.

Scum Muster: