Microflame Torch Replica Completed

The STL file found on Thingiverse was re-scaled, printed and finished to match (close to match) the vintage Microflame torch identified in Star Wars A New Hope.

Ardyjo was able to purchase a vintage Microflame based on her identification of the screen-used model and used that as a model for the replica printed in PLA. Custom stickers were created to complete the look of the welder.

The official research and build page is located at

S1-10C Droid Complete

Krankmeister finished up major components of the S1-10C droid ! He is a custom version of C1-10P from Star Wars Rebels!

S1-10C is entirely 3-d printed except for his electronics and his front wheel! This includes his drive system which was printed with a groovy blue flex filament including omni wheels!

S1-10C come complete with 2 R2 pincher arms, operational chopper head arms and front arm stun gun!

He will debut at the all club picnic

Wampa Monster MSE Complete

Ardy Jo was able to complete the 1st version of the Wampa Monster MSE the night before LBCC2018!

She is really happy how it turned out. Rasberry Pi is something shes been wanting to play with for a while and is beyond relieved that she got it working at all! Some additions to the costume in future may include a working mouth and upgrading the sound system

wampa lbcc.png

ANH E-11 Blaster Complete

Ardy Jo finished her E-11 Blaster a while back... 

Just sharing final pix! 

All in all she is very happy with it. The only thing she would do different is adjust the wiring so that the ammo clip would fit into the housing more to make it more sturdy. 

Build list at