San Diego Comic Con 2019 [T44]

Meet the Star Wars Fan Groups Program


(seating subject to capacity)

Saturday July 20, 2019

12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.

The Theater - San Diego Comic Con Museum

Balboa Park, San Diego

Meet the Star Wars Fan Groups

Meet the Star Wars Fan Groups


An introduction to the International Star Wars Fan Groups: The 501st Legion, The Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Saber Guild, and Droid Builders, with moderator Ramey Chanadet (executive officer of the 501st Southern California Garrison). Hear from the local and international leadership of each club on what the clubs are all about and how to join. Panelists include Todd Mullin (501st San Diego Garrison Commanding Officer), Blair Douglass (Rebel Legion Membership Officer), Victor Silva (Mandalorian San Diego Clan Commanding Officer), Kelley Moreno (Saber Guild Los Angeles Assistant Local Director), and Ashly Jo (Southern California Droid Builder).


Scum Summary

Meet the Star Wars Fan Groups Program @ Comic Con Museum

FAN GROUPS - visit the BUILD IT page for links to the different group pages etc. and learn how to become a member ! THEY ARE ALL FREE TO JOIN!

Representatives from the Droid Builders, Mandalorian Mercs, 501st Legion, Saber Guild and Rebel Legion Fan Groups had the awesome experience of leading panel discussion at the pop-up museum event for Comic Con this year! The museum was an incredible place with a perk of being filled with an awesome Batman exhibit. Unfortunately we were in such a hurry to hit the panel and hitch a ride back to the convention center we couldn’t explore — did see an awesome bat signal that I really need in my life haha

The fan group panel was super awesome. Best panel I’ve seen (participated in). Love hanging out with all the different clubs and working together. It adds so much diversity to a program as a unified group of Star Wars fans. Actually learned about how the clubs are the same & different, which is super beneficial as we often discuss it when mingling with fans and encourage joining of any and all clubs.

Some highlights was the uniqueness of the Saber Guild and Mandalorian Mercs in regards to costume customization freedom compared to the screen accurate requirements of the Rebel or 501st Legion. It is so interesting and awesome to have so much variety. Also awesome to learn is how the Saber Guild has practice weekly for their performances (something we haven’t been lucky enough to catch to date). So many great groups and awesome costumes available for anyone to build. Ardy Jo was repping the Droid Builders and didn’t crash and burn … so that was good. The droids added a nice touch to the panel we thought. Hopefully everyone gets some new recruits ! Ardy Jo is still finishing up a Rebel Legion Jawa and 501st Legion Inferno Squad …

  • Clubs are free to join

  • Most/all have mentoring groups etc. to provide support in joining and builds

SDCC2019 Museum Details:

Pop-up museum occurring all days of comic con 2019- no badges required and free admission. The Museum is is being converted from a 1935 Federal Building.

Preparations are underway to activate all three floors of the 68,000 square foot building with exciting exhibits, programs, and experiences. Specific features and attractions of the pop-up Museum will include:

Daily panels in the Museum theater, organized by Comic-Con.  Four panels per day will give the broader community a taste of the great variety and depth of Comic-Con programming. Full details will be announced as we reveal the complete Comic-Con programming schedule.

Mondo Gallery: 80 Years of Batman, the first ever traveling exhibit from the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, celebrating the history of Batman through 19 iconic and fan-favorite comic-book covers, reproduced as screen-printed posters.

The Con

After the program the droids made it back to the convention center, which was awesome that the center provided handicap transportation for us and the droid!!!!! Per usual we wander around aimlessly … we did actually make it to the Brian Rood Art booth to hang out with our droid builder buddy and mooch some power for the MSE. Check out Brian Rood Art —- great star wars art! Ate some ok convention pizza and nachos and that was about it!

Scum Muster

  • RD-2D & Krank

    • All day without charge & no incidents!

  • Monster Inferno MSE & Ardy Jo

    • Recharged once and battery low by end of day - no trip ups or incidents !