R2LA 15 [T27]

Droid Builder Party


Hosted by Mr. Senna each year, R2LA is a gathering of droid builders in the Southern California area (mostly) although we have build visitors from out of state as well.

Super fun event collaborating with builders who we haven’t met in person and are basically celebrities in our opinion!

Ardy Jo’s Monster Wampa MSE rolled in with the recently finished Echo Base Beer Transport! Wampa MSE was surprisingly capable of toting a 6 pack ! Krankmeister brought his awesome BB-8E & MSE. He powered on the SNES Classic when it started getting a little dark out and played some Mario World, Donkey Kong and Super Star Wars right off BB-8E.

Great to see a couple choppers and so many MSEs this year! We were especially privileged to have Johnny 5, L3-37, K2-SO, C3-PO and Boba Fett ! They made for some great pix!

As usual, we had some MSE fun out in the street. Couple of race offs and the Mousezillas had a race with dudes riding on top of them! Racing quickly turns into crashes (some intentional !). Monster Inferno MSE had some battle damage. Ardy Jo had the bright idea of initiating a Diddy Kong Racing/Mario Kart balloon pop challenge. She secured a balloon to the back of Inferno MSE and zoomed around. The MSE sharks quickly caught on and attempted to pop the balloon. Only last about 30 seconds haha 2nd balloon popped off and bounced around unwilling to pop.

Fun time with crafty smart peeps!

Scum Muster

  • BB-8E & Krank

  • Monster Inferno MSE, Wampa MSE & Troop Transport & Ardy Jo

R2LA 14 [T2]

R2LA 14

Orange County, CA

Droid Builders party! Never seen so many droids in 1 place since Celebration 2015! Great time talking to builders. Lots of inspiration to build more!

Scum Muster

  • RD-2D & Krank

  • Ardyjo (Wrangler)