Pinball Madness [T30]


Join us for Pinball Madness at the Museum of Pinball (700 S. Hathaway, Banning, CA) on October 19-21, 2018. Over 1,100 pinball machines and arcade games (both vintage and modern) will be on freeplay with no quarters needed. Costume contests, entertainment, food, and more!

Okay so this event was super dooper awesome cool ! We scum balls have a deep love for video games. The only pinball machine I can remember in town was at Straw Hat Pizza and it was the Adams family. If you switched it off and on again you get a free play, but it made a loud noise so we’d run away and then come back. Hey many, a quarter was big bucks when your 8 in the 90s.

The ticket price is $60 for all day free play. I’ve seen complaints about the price, but man when you see how many machines you can play for FREE in 14 hours, it is soooooo worth it. If you don’t think so, then you have no business being there.

We were able to squeeze in with the “Johnny 5 guy!” , Rob, and J5! The droids hung out in the bar area for photo opportunities throughout the day and occasionally mobbed around the Pinball & Arcade rooms distracting players :) The Pinball Museum is AMAZING! our favorite event yet… I mean come on Arcade/Pinball with your droid buddy next to you .. YAY!


It is so awesome being able to hang out with J5 and his master. J5 remains Ardy Jo’s most loved robot. Watching his refurbishment progress at each event is a real treat and we are so grateful for the opportunity.

The Pinball Madness event was 11 AM - 1 AM in Banning, CA. The facilities was nice and clean and the cheeseburgers and fancy sodas were a highlight. They also had some pretty tasty blue margaritas! Food was slightly on the pricey side, but worth it. There was a hefty amount of people on Saturday. Apparently there are even more people at the Arcade Expo they host in the Spring. We heard some staff say how surprised they were how busy the Pinball room was compared to the Arcade area this time. Way cool and heartwarming how they have Technician volunteers during the event going around making sure machines are working.

It is mindblowing to see so many DIFFERENT pinball machines, ranging from the new Deadpool pinball all the way to 1930s style machines. The machines are fascinating how crazy they look on the outside but when you look at the board they look actually fairly simple. Yea right, not simple enough for me to build one! oh many I wish. I was telling Krank they are all like their own little worlds, different bumpers different goals and effects, bumpers etc! Just really cool. I love how they incorporate elements of the movie into the film machines. Like there was a auto racing one, and it rumbled and made engine rev. noises, the batman one had a joker magnetizing your ball with a crane.. just really cool stuff! I would love to have a machine to practice on at home.

There was a separate tournament area in the back, I think they had arcade games there as well. Actually, Armando Gonzalez was there attempting to break the Galaga high score world record, which I believe is already held by him. Later in the day they announced he broke it, so that was awesome to be in the same building as!

Krank and Ardy Jo beat House of the Dead 2 in 30 minutes or so and attempted Blood Brothers but wussed out after Stage 5. The arcade machines either automatically start up with the Start button or some of the older ones had a little button hanging out of the coin slots.

Blood Brothers 1990 TAD Corporation Japan & Europe & Fabtek US- sequel to Cabal and bootlegged as West Story!


Another bonus to this event was the Funhouse Maze ! This maze was really cool. Best maze I have been too, not that I have been to a heck of a lot. Loved all the black lights, they gave 3d glasses. Loved the monster actors. The spinning haunted carnival rides was wayyyyy cool!