Long Beach Comic Expo [T11]

We were at the LBCE 2018 on Saturday Feb. 17 with the Columbia Space Memorial Space Expo Exhibit. 

Ardy Jo was able to finish her Monster Mouse in time but, forgot the controller! So it just sat and looked pretty all day. Krank finished his MSE side boards and was able to bring it along. His battery unfortunately died before he was able to drive it as well. Sad day for mousers! 

Krank brought along hiss BB-8E head with working lights to display on the table. 

Columbia had a lot of great activities for visitors to participate in at their booths. 

The R2 Builders, BB8 Builders and Mouse Droid Builder clubs were represented using 3 tables to display parts, droids and handouts. We had several astromechs throughout the day including a R2-D2 and a Boba-fett style R2.

Johnny 5

The droid builder clubs were fortunate to enough to have Johnny 5 stop by ! We invite you to follow his page over on Facebook Hey Johnny for updates on his progress towards full restoration and operation of this awesome piece of machinery! 


We also had an awesome rolling BB-8! Check out and follow Aaron Lane on Youtube! 

At the end of the day we had a informational panel and explained the different clubs/droids and builds. 

Super great time despite our set-backs. Always learning new stuff and meeting great people! 

Scum Muster

  • RD-2D & Krank

  • Monster Inferno MSE (1st Troop - no controller) Ardy Jo