Long Beach Comic Con 2018 [T24 & T25]

Long Beach Comic Con

September 8 & 9 2018

Droid Builders booth & panel as part of the Columbia Memorial Space Center's Space Expo

Pictures below the summary! 

Scum Muster

  • RD-2D, BB-8E & Krank

  • Monster Inferno MSE, Wampa MSE & Ardy Jo


Hey Johnny , perello23, http://www.astromech.twinlitworlds.com/ , Jackie, Tina, ther2joe , aclane56, miyamotoextreme , Keith & Diana,


Really look forward to the Long Beach Con & Expos! Get to volunteer as part of the Space Expo with the droid builders group. We get a nice lil group of droids and parts to display at the booth and panel on Sunday. Scum did Sat & Sun this year. Really awesome to spend the night in Long Beach and not have to drive in the morning. The Long Beach Con/Expo is a nice medium size con and not too overwhelming for any new goers but full of lots of stuff. Loved meeting new builders and seeing those we have made builder homies with! Didn't get any MSE Vision videos (forgot the camera mount at home) and didn't get as many photos (especially on Saturday) as we should have. 

Kranks favorite cosplay of the weekend was Joe Dirt and Ardy Jo's was Cinderella ! 

It was BB-8E and Wampa MSEs 1st con and they did great! everyone loved with BB-8E started wiggling and moving. He was rocking out to Johnny 5s jams. Wampa MSE creeped everyone out with his eyeballs and jumping out from around corners haha He also went for a beer break. 


Arrived with RD-2D, MSE-6, BB-8E, Monster Inferno MSE & Monster Wampa MSE & 2 slicer droids. The plan was to have Krank's MSE-6 tug the BB-8E. Unfortunately, it blew a connector and started smoking after we turned it on ! haha had toss em back in the truck for the weekend. Unfortunately Krank could have fixed it in a couple minutes it turned out. Resorted to tugging BB-8E behind RD-2D or by hand. 

Droid booth had a nice corner spot with space to display the droids and move around. We were lucky to have Johnny 5 hang out with us on Saturday! Ardy Jo was able to get her "Hold the Door" doorstop signed by Hodor (Game of Thrones) Kristian Nairn in the morning. Saturday flew by! Did a droid parade at some point in the day, which is really fun to mow through everyone. Monster MSE loves cardboard trashcans. Some kind soul turned in Ardy Jos phone that got left in the pooper.


Had to tug the droids around the block from the hotel unfortunately since they moved the LBCC entrance due to the stamp convention. Sunday seemed busier for some reason. We had Godzilla hang out at our booth on Sunday. Super awesome costume by one of our builders Amy! We snuck to the back of the hall to do some astromech racing. Jackie's Bakersfield R2-D2 won over all even though the Monster Wampa MSE spanked them all haha Also did another droid parade around the hall. The panel was at the end of the day and Scum left right after. Panel was represented with a nice variety of builders and went really well even though the room was tiny. 

Source: http://longbeachcomiccon.com/