r2 builders club

R2LA 15 [T27]

Droid Builder Party


Hosted by Mr. Senna each year, R2LA is a gathering of droid builders in the Southern California area (mostly) although we have build visitors from out of state as well.

Super fun event collaborating with builders who we haven’t met in person and are basically celebrities in our opinion!

Ardy Jo’s Monster Wampa MSE rolled in with the recently finished Echo Base Beer Transport! Wampa MSE was surprisingly capable of toting a 6 pack ! Krankmeister brought his awesome BB-8E & MSE. He powered on the SNES Classic when it started getting a little dark out and played some Mario World, Donkey Kong and Super Star Wars right off BB-8E.

Great to see a couple choppers and so many MSEs this year! We were especially privileged to have Johnny 5, L3-37, K2-SO, C3-PO and Boba Fett ! They made for some great pix!

As usual, we had some MSE fun out in the street. Couple of race offs and the Mousezillas had a race with dudes riding on top of them! Racing quickly turns into crashes (some intentional !). Monster Inferno MSE had some battle damage. Ardy Jo had the bright idea of initiating a Diddy Kong Racing/Mario Kart balloon pop challenge. She secured a balloon to the back of Inferno MSE and zoomed around. The MSE sharks quickly caught on and attempted to pop the balloon. Only last about 30 seconds haha 2nd balloon popped off and bounced around unwilling to pop.

Fun time with crafty smart peeps!

Scum Muster

  • BB-8E & Krank

  • Monster Inferno MSE, Wampa MSE & Troop Transport & Ardy Jo

Star Wars Night: IE 66ers vs Modesto Nuts [T23]

Star Wars Night - The force is strong with this one! Star Wars Night will take place on Saturday, August 4th. Come meet your favorite Star Wars characters, while we feature Star Wars promotions and activities during the game!

Another great event helping to raise money for a great cause! 



"Leave No Paws Behind is the voice for those who cannot speak. We are an all breed , all foster based rescue, specializing in seniors, End of Life, and animals with special medical needs.When possible we step up to help save the lives of those that are in most danger of being left behind to die on a cold shelter floor."

RD-2D and Monster Inferno Squad MSE had fun taking pictures with fans to raise money for Leave No Paws Behind. LNPB even brought some doggies to the park! They were so cute with their little shoes and so well behaved. 



Scum Muster

  • RD-2D & Krank

  • Monster Inferno MSE & Ardy Jo



SDCC 2018- Saturday [T22]


We were lucky enough to be able to get & afford tickets for SDCC 2018 Saturday and took RD-2D with us. 

Were able to get Valet parking at the Hilton Gaslamp across the street from the convention center. Yes it was overpriced, but a great way to drop off a droid as close as we could. We even had the option to access the vehicle if we need during the day, but didn't. In hind sight, Ardy Jo would have stored the Monster MSE there and brought it out in the afternoon or something. 

Got to the convention center around 8:45 a.m. We thought were were in the everything else line to enter at Hall G but everyone just started bunching up where we were in the line in from of a Entrance door at Hall D, which was allowing volunteer entry only. Eventually we just mushed up with everyone else at that door waiting for 9:30 entry. Around like 9:40 they finally opened the doors and we squeezed through with the droid. 

First stop on the exhibit floor was the Hasbro Toy Shop to try and snag a Black Series Exogorth Escape set. Initially there was lottery tickets online to be able to purchase exclusives at the toy shop. Apparently Saturday/Sunday no tickets were required. The line was tricky. They wouldn't let you get it in if it was too long and you had to circle around after a few minutes and jump in it if they let you. Ardy Jo finally got to jump in and it only took 20ish minutes to get to the checkout where they scan your badge and let you get your stuff. Yay! scored 1st SDCC Exclusive! It wasn't the most exotic exclusive, seeing that they will release the same Solo at a later date minus the mynoch., but o well! Sadly the NECA TMNT 1990 7 inch figures were completely sold out....

SDCC was so massive... we had to charge the droid 3 times during the day from 9:45 am-7:30 p.m. when we left. Luckily we could mooch in on the Hall D charging stations for about an hour for charging.

Only other droids out that we saw was B1 at the Mandalorian Booth on the Mezzanine with the other fan groups. He is so cool. We also caught the Extreme Droid Builders panel at the Marriott. Really awesome droids and upgrades. Also got to see the actual Lawgiver statue from the Planet of the Apes and RD-2D got a pic with it. 

We also got some GTP Toys Spacewall Corners from mcwheeler ! Thanks again! and a free Glass poster from the upcoming movie. 

Didn't eat much in the craiziness! Snagged a mini pizza and some free beer across the street at the Dell Experience. 

Super fun crazy day!!!!!!!!!! Doing more than 1 day would be insane. RD-2D did a heck of a job. 


How to Attend San Diego Comic Con for Cheap - some helpful tips for attending SDCC

4th of July 2018 [T20]

Celebrated the Fourth in Fontana raising funds for ALS. 

Fun day! 

 Scum Muster

  • RD-2D & Krank

  • Monster Inferno MSE & Ardy Jo